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Water Softener Installation

water-softenerCountless homes throughout the Las Vegas area have hard water, it could be time to consider a water softener installation. Hard water is generally not harmful, but it has a high mineral content can cause drinking water to have a strong unpleasant taste, increase the presence of hard to clean soap scum, and have an unwanted drying effect on hair and skin.
Number One Plumbing offers water softener installation services that can eliminate the unwanted effects of your local hard water supply.

A water softener installation saves time and money. With soft water:

  • Less soap and detergents are needed because they clean more efficiently
  • Water heating costs can be reduced by as much as 20% by using soft water
  • Cloths washed in soft water can last as much as 32% longer

The abrasive mineral particles in hard water combine with soap or detergents and pound away at clothing and glassware, weakening the physical structure of the material. Over time these particles can actually etch the surface of glassware and reduce the life of clothing. A water softener installation can solve all of these problems.

Having a water softener installation will save you money in the long run. Hard water uses more soap to clean and has a harder time rinsing it away, it also causes scale to build up over time in pipes and water heaters limiting water flow, reducing the life of products, and increasing operating and maintenance costs for appliances using water.

A water softener installation will benefit not only your home, but also you. Not only will it help get rid soap scum, it will leave your hair feeling softer and your skin feeling younger and smoother.

A water softener works as an ion exchanger. Inserted into the water supply intake, the water softener exchanges the hard water’s high levels of calcium and magnesium with sodium. You’ll notice an immediate change in your drinking water, and on your skin, as well.

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